Curry Powder Anonymous

by Curry Powder Anonymous

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released February 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Hunter Starkings Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Relinquish
Hear the voice of reason telling me that I don't know
Telling me that everything is out of my control
Sadly ever after seems to be the only end
Nihilistic tendency, my only friend

Relinquishing obsessions, chalk it up to someone new

Killing expectations, easier to say than do
Clearing false perception; no more can I hide from the truth
Consciousness is cruel, it's why I must be so confused
Distract myself with earthly pleasures but everything leads back, too
Track Name: What'/Time Does Not Exist/The Real Droids You Are Looking For/LSD Does Exist pt. 7
I wanna tell you what I'm thinking
But would you believe what I say?

I am a voodoo
We don't believe
Track Name: Moonbather
She gets lost in the desert
With a cactus and an eagle feather
She dances under the moon
And bathes in it's lights

I set fire to a teather
Doused in gasoline and blessed with prayer
I squinted my eyes at the sun
As it blazed through the sky

So far from the ocean
In this barren earth that's always in motion

I was asked for the hour
And I laughed because it did not matter
The only thing I knew
Was everyone was high

I came to life on a boulder
Feeling wiser and oh, so much older
I knew the vision was gone
But it was burnin' in my mind

I swam through a sea of fire ants
In the sand they taught me how to dance.
Track Name: The End Of Belvedere
lyrics by Kyle Williams

Mellowness seems swaying, listing, knocking
Gently upon the wind
Quiet persistence without measure waiting softly
In the midst to let you in
Tender kiss upon your face in the darkness
It's the rain letting you know that it's still there
Though it does not speak it knows your name and yes, it loves you
Happy to give color to your hair

Clouds wispy hang over your head to the horizon
Let the air dry your tears
Whispers in the meadow tell of stories without lifetimes
It's okay
Betray your fears
Track Name: Adventure Time!
Lyrics are nonsensical and mumbled